Tuesday, September 29, 2009

iPhone and iPod Touch Application List spreads the word about GlobeMaster

"GlobeMaster is one of the best travel guides for iPhone. Most important -- it works without going online."
Twitts iPhone and iPod Touch Application List about GlobeMaster. Thanks a lot!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Review of GlobeMaster from The iPhone App Review 9/10

"This app is so incredibly simple to navigate that it’s almost impossible to realize its full value unless you ever find yourself truly in need of it. Let’s hope that never happens in an emergency situation. But if it does, you’ll be glad your tour guide is close at hand."
Today The iPhone App Review published their review of GlobeMaster.
Thanks a lot for appreciating our efforts, Michael Essany!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Review of GlobeMaster from What's On iPhone: 4/5

"Tremendous wealth of information. Tip calculator and currency converter built-in."
We're very happy to share with you all that What's On iPhone published their review of our program.

We would like to use this opportunity and address the editor who wrote this review:
"BradT, we are happy that the only con you point out is about selection of data because this is a thing we can fix really easily. So please do check our next update to find information about the cities you've mentioned in it. ;)"

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009

GlobeMaster... Approved!

Globe... what? What are you talking about?
GlobeMaster! This is how we named the first application we've developed for iPhone. A short description could be found in the right column of the blog and a full one on the app's iTunes Store page or our site.

OK, understood... And who are these "we", you are talking about all the time?
"We" are Ivan Karpan, developer, and Evgeniy Lebed, user interface designer. Both of us live in Kyiv, Ukraine.

So how long did it take to create GlobeMaster? Was it hard?
Well the whole process started something about 5 months ago. At that time we had everything we needed to create an application: good idea, huge desire, strong aspiration and loads of work ahead of us. And when we say "lots" we mean it because non of us was even acquainted with iPhone SDK and Cocoa Touch and we had no information to fill the app with. Plus during development both app and data mining bot were totally rewritten a few times. So yeah, we think it was kind of hard. So when it came to overriding UIPicker control to make it...

Hey, stop! I just tried to be polite and you don't have to get that deep into it, really! Maybe next time... So what's next? Any plans?
Yes of course. We're thinking about adding new features to GlobeMaster real soon and in the meanwhile... It looks like we have another idea.